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For a fee LEGAL ROAD LIMITED (“us, we, our”) offers potential or existing tenants or other persons or entities (“the customer”) with access to a PROPERTY RENTAL CHECK REPORT (“the Report”). The Report provides generic information on residential properties situated in England and Wales for tenancy rental purposes and may include related information, templates, supporting documents and guidance. The Report has not been developed for the customer’s bespoke needs. The customer’s specific circumstances may require different information, research or bespoke legal advice. While we do our utmost to ensure the legitimacy of the Report, supporting documents and guidance, it may be likely that the customer will need to consider the Report and all relating information in relation to the customer’s own personal requirements. We urge the customer to seek independent legal advice when doing so.

  1. LEGALROAD makes no representations or warranties in relation to the Report including all information, related templates, supporting documents and advice provided to the customer and or users of the Report.
  2. All Reports are generated from LEGALROAD’S generic Report templates. The Report does not provide bespoke questions or queries which may be relevant to your particular requirements. The Report has been developed to provide the customer or user with general information pertaining to a property address and is supplied to the customer or user in a generic report format. The Report may also be supplied with supporting information documentation. Neither the Report, nor any supporting information documentation are to be considered as legal advice, and the customer and user should not treat the Report or any documents as such.
  3. The Report and any supporting information documents are provided to the customer or user “as is”. They are supplied to the customer or user without any LEGALROAD representations or warranties, either express or implied, as to their completeness, accuracy and being current. The information obtained may not always be extensive or up to date due to backlogs experience from the Covid-19 crisis.
  4. The customer or user cannot rely upon the LEGALROAD Report and any supporting information or documents to satisfy the customer or user’s personal requirements or legal contractual issues and the Report and any supporting documents must not be substituted for independent professional legal advice.
  5. The customer or user must seek independent professional legal advice from a qualified lawyer to ensure the validity of any contracts, negotiations and supporting documentation for the property address being enquired about to ensure that all such information for the property is fit for all the customer’s or user’s bespoke legal requirements. If the customer or user is unsure as to the content provided by LEGALROAD, or the Report and any supporting documentation, then the customer or user must direct all questions about any legal matter to an independent lawyer. The customer or user must never delay seeking legal advice, disregard legal advice, or commence or discontinue any legal action because of information the customer or user has been provided from the LEGALROAD or the Report, and or any supporting information or documents, or from LEGALROAD’S generic legal advisory service provided by telephone or email.
  6. Our legal disclaimer will not limit or exclude any of our liabilities in any way that is not permitted under the law.